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Ben Fransen of Aligned Mortgage

Ben grew up in rural northern Illinois and enlisted in the U.S. Army at the age of 19. Hoping to travel, the Army didn’t disappoint. He attended basic training in South Carolina, a language school in California, and advanced individual training in Texas before the Army eventually sent me to South Korea, where he spent the remainder of my 5-year enlistment as a Korean Linguist. 

He is supported by his incredible wife (Sasha), his three beautiful children (Emerson, Charlize, and Elicia), his church community, and an amazing Aligned Mortgage team. 

Ben’s goal is to ensure that everyone who entrusts me and my team with their home financing needs,  will come away with more than just the keys to their new home, but a 5-star home-buying experience they will never forget. 

Dan & Ben Collaboration

Dan and Ben discussed the Home for Heroes project on their talk show, which aims to provide affordable and sustainable housing for veterans and their families.

 They highlighted that many veterans struggle to find safe and affordable housing, and that Home for Heroes provides holistic support, including job training, counseling, and healthcare. The project relies on the support of the community to succeed. Dan and Ben emphasized that this project is important because it addresses the needs of veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and who require ongoing care and support.

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